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O Sacred Hearts of Jesus and May, abounding in love and mercy towards all mankind, we thank you for the graces bestowed on your Servant, Venerable Gaetano Errico, and beseech you to exalt him whose only desire on earth was to glorify you and spread your love.  Raise him, we pray, to the honors of the altar, that, enlightened by the radiance of his virtues, we may praise and glorify you.

By Fr. Leonard Carrieri, M.SS.CC.

Surely under the leadership of our present Pope more men and women have been declared "Blessed" or "Saint" than ever before.  One we hope to be declared Blessed very soon is Fr. Gaetano Errico, the Founder of our religious congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
In March of this year, we received word that a miracle, which occurred over 35 years ago, had, at long last, been attributed to the intercession of Fr. Errico.  This important finding was made official by the medical commission of the Vatican office for Causes of Saints.
The miracle took place in southern Italy in January 1952 when a local man, diagnosed with a perforation of the duodenum or stomach wall was cured before a scheduled emergency operation after he and his wife prayed to Fr. Errico for his intercession.  After slipping a relic of our Founder under her husband's pillow and praying together, marked improvement began and the man was restored to complete health.

Although it has been many years since it had been verified that our Founder possessed heroic virtues in  his life, gaining him the title of "Venerable", the story of this miracle had lain dormant in the records at our Motherhouse in Italy.  Under the direction of our newest Superior General, Fr. Luigi Toscano, the case was again presented for investigation.
Within the last few weeks, the Vatican theological commission also has given its approval to the findings of the medical panel.  Its task was to verify that the miracle took place through the sole intercession of Fr. Errico.
These reports and approvals will now be placed before a Panel of Cardinals to verify if the process has been properly conducted and that God's intervention is clear.  If so, they will recommend it to the Pope for his signature.
It is possible that the Holy Father's signature will be come a  reality by the end of this year. A decree will be published that our Founder can be considered a saint in heaven and his prayers on our behalf are effective.  He will deserve the title of Blessed.
We will be able to offer prayers to God in honor of the new Blessed Gaetano Errico….a process that started in 1908 will conclude after almost 100 years…May God be praised!


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