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Sharing a community meal.

 The evening began with a tour of our facilities, which is the headquarters for the congregation in the United States.  It also serves as our Novitiate and retreat center.  I was surprised that something as common as bedroom really intrigued them . . . "This is so phat, they even have their own bathroom."  I thought "phat" was what I have too much of around my waistline, but in the parlance of teens, it means, "cool".

   At 5:00 PM the community gathered in our Chapel for Evening Prayer.  Our visitors joined us in prayer and were visibly impressed by the singing of the Salve Regina, although few knew the words.

A great meal . . . eagerly devoured by all...followed.  Heaps of homemade soup, salad, spaghetti and meatballs and apple pie for dessert disappeared very quickly.
 After dinner, we adjourned to our conference room where an evening

of informal discussion, touching on the questions that may be in the minds of young people at this age. . .  Who are some of the people you look up to and why?
   What do you hope to  achieve?  What are you looking for in life?  Do you think God has a plan for you . . .  if so what do you think it may be?  It is of course, hard to see which of them may possibly have heard an inner call or maybe just a feeling.  But these moments when they can learn and experience a sense of community may remain with them as they find the path their lives will take.  It may just be remembered when, indeed, the "call" of a lifetime will actually be heard and hopefully followed.

   Br. David Graber, M.SS.CC. teaches religion and marine biology at St. Augustine Prep School in Richland and lives in the Missionaries of Sacred Hearts community at Our Lady of Fatima/Mt. Carmel Parish in Camden, NJ.

Bro. David Graber
helps to serve at table.