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     If you know of someone who may be looking for information about vocations to the priesthood or religious life, you are invited to write or call our office and request a copy of our Vocation brochure.
     It gives an overview of religious life in community in our congregation and can help to direct a prospective candidate in his discernment process.
     Your support and  encouragement--and most surely-- your prayers for any one who may be seeking to follow God's call is a valuable aid to us as we search for "workers in the vineyard of the Lord."

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By Bro. Paul Importico, M.SS.CC

     I am currently in the second year of temporary vows with the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts.  Although each of the vows I have professed--poverty, chastity, obedience and perseverance--has given me the chance to grow and learn, it is the vow of obedience that has proven both the most fruitful and the most difficult for me.  In the past three years I have learned the importance of this it allows us to fulfill not our own--but God's will, which is the purpose of every devoted Christian.
     During my early formation I was asked by my superiors to do several things,  which at the time I felt were difficult, tiresome, or just a burden.  I always did my best to fulfill the tasks under my vow of obedience, but I must admit I was often not pleased.  I felt used at times or alienated by certain requests.  However, as I look back today I believe not only did these requests strengthen my will, 

but also my belief in myself and the firmness of my vocation.
     I came to learn and value that my religious consecration is not just a personal one, but one which is undertaken on the behalf of others...God's human family.  The problem many have with obedience occurs when only the immediate and personal results of a requested action are considered.  They are completely forgetting to take into consideration the positive effects that it may produce for someone else or indeed in their own future.
     The vow of obedience permits me the chance to prove the words "Thy will be done."  It allows me to develop personal gifts by asking me to enter new surroundings, adopt new attitudes, attempt new endeavors...regardless of my own fears and reservations.  It allows me to serve people I  might otherwise neglect.  Obedience to my will has always proved futile.  Obedience to God's will has ultimately brought me joy and peace.

Bro. Paul Importice (left)
 and Superior General, Fr. Luigi Toscano.