Linwood, New Jersey                                    Spring 2000                                                       Page 4

   This issue of our newsletter has been devoted to our work in finding and promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  It is an endeavor which has become increasingly challenging.  For us, as religious living and working in community, there is the special challenge of finding those men who are willing to make additional sacrifices for the sake of their communities.  It requires a certain humility and willingness to share that our world today does not foster.  We live in a society where "what's is in it for me" seems to be an important starting point for many as they seek their way.  In my over 25 years working here at our Novitiate in Linwood,  I have seen many who were just not able to share their lives, work and  efforts with others easily.  Many were unable to deny their own ambitions and follow God's call with humility and obedience.  I suppose the difficulty begins with determining if God has truly called them...or if they are following a path they themselves have devised without including God in the equation.  For me, is has been a special dilemma helping them to discern if God has truly called them to a religious vocation.  I have turned to prayer to help me...and  I ask for your prayers today as the need becomes more pressing for good vocations.  I hope you will join me in offering the prayer you find in the pages of this Newsletter invoking God's guidance.  May those who are called answer with openness and perseverance.  May we who guide and support them be granted the wisdom to prepare them to be worthy servants of God and His Family on earth.

God bless you and keep you always,

Father Anthony, M.SS.CC.


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