Linwood, New Jersey                                    Fall 2000                                                       Page 4

   This fall will certainly be a time when all of us will be bombarded with political messages as we approach another presidential election.  Sometimes, after you hear one too many speeches, they all begin to sound the same.  For a long time now, the catchwords of many seem to be "family values" and politicians are using them widely.  What are family values?  Some families are held together by their honor and love of God, their respect and caring for each other….but many, sadly, are not.  Rather than family values, I would hope more emphasis would be placed on the values that Christ taught….the value of human life; sharing our means and care for one another unselfishly-unconditionally with  humility, perseverance and justice for all.  These values not only hold true in a family unit, but would greatly enhance our world if all embraced them.  Although the political announcements and speeches may be tiresome, please join me in listening carefully and voting even more carefully, asking God to guide our choice.  Let us pray together, that the values that I know you and I hold dear…based on the inspired word of God…will be in the minds and hearts of those who lead us.

God bless you and keep you always,

Father Anthony, M.SS.CC.


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