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   "Giving Through your Will" explores some of the many ways in which you might consider including a charitable gift in your will or other estate plans.  A bequest to the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (our legal name) ensures that the work you have so faithfully supported during your lifetime will continue for generations to come.  Gifts of stocks, a specific bequest, life insurance, a percentage of the remaining estate funds after gifts to family and loved ones, are only a few of the ways you can continue your generosity.

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Counseling of family members…helping them accept the changes in their families…a terminal illness…the loss of a loved one…is a vital part of his work.

    Time for a little visit after Mass at Villa Raffella with Fr. Anthony and the Sisters.

   Nearby, at Villa Raffaella, an assisted living facility of the Hospitaller Sisters, Fr. Anthony Patrizio, M.SS.CC. is offering Mass for the residents.  He lightens the time with them by lively comments that bring smiles and a little laughter.  Again, many are far from families and their former parishes and look forward to a visit from Fr. Anthony who has become their "new parish" priest.  As he walks along the hall with Sr. Elletta Felli, H.S.M, the Administrator, one of the residents welcomes them to visit with her.  She shares her love of sewing with them and proudly displays several projects that she has used to decorate her rooms at the facility.  Again the few minutes they spend together has brightened her day.

Fr. Anthony proclaiming the Gospel at Mass at Villa Raffaella.

   This ministry fills only part of the day for Fr. Anthony and Fr. Frederick who also must attend to other duties, but each has observed that it has afforded them shared moments with the unique 'flock' that has personally enriched their own relationship with Jesus and Mary.  The deep faith and unending devotion of those they serve…covering many long years of life, renew and refresh them as well. 

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