Linwood, New Jersey                                    Spring 2001                                                       Page 4

 Over 150 years ago when our Founder, Ven. Gaetano Errico gathered the members of his fledgling congregation around him, surely the thought of his beatification  in the Church he so loved never entered his mind.  Then he only thought of serving the poor, listening to their cares and fears, leading them to reconciliation with the God he so loved…encouraging them to draw ever closer to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  Now in 2001 the reality of his being declared Blessed is imminent.  It is a wonderful occasion for us, his Missionaries, but also for you.  You have joined us in prayers for his beatification and with your devotion to the Sacred Hearts, you have made his mission grow and deepen.  His ministry was face to face…but for me, my connection with so many of you is through the mail.  But I do feel we are true friends and I, too, share our Founder's belief that we are all one family...under the loving care of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  I humbly ask your prayers for our congregation and its mission started so long ago by our beloved Founder.  I know you join me in looking forward to the official Vatican ceremony where Ven. Gaetano Errico will be declared "Blessed" as surely he has always been blessed in the hearts of those he touched so long ago.

God bless you and keep you always,

Father Anthony, M.SS.CC.



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