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Most of us are aware that Pope John Paul has been moving the process for beatification very quickly, beatifying 1,290 during his papacy.  Some were very well known, but many were from the ranks of those who served others with little notoriety outside of their countries, or even geographical regions.  So it was with Blessed Gaetano Errico.  The cheering crowds in St. Peter's Square on April 14 were most likely decendents of those in the small towns and villages of southern Italy who encountered Fr. Errico as a kind, gentle and caring priest.  One who never failed to remind them of God's infinite love and forgiveness…one who never turned away from the most abandoned, the most sinful, and those who were reviled by society.  Certainly, the congregation he founded has now reached to several continents, but what ultimately led to his beatification, came about in his service within a relatively small region on this earth.  It is an inspiration to all of us, to remember that we are called to serve, to follow the example of Jesus and Mary, in all things, in all ways, in everyday life.  Each thing we do, no matter how small, how humble, how "un-far reaching" it may seem, can glorify God if---if we offer it to God out of a true and abiding love.  Truly the Holy Father is trying to lead us to embrace the example of humble duty and commitment Fr. Errico and so many others he has beatified have exemplified.  May we hold this message within our hearts and may it keep us faithful and joyful in all we do each day.

God bless you and keep you always,

Father Anthony, M.SS.CC.


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