Linwood, New Jersey                                    Fall 2003                                                       Page 3


N E W   C O M M U N I T Y   E S T A B L I S H E D
I N   T H E   P H I L I P P I N E S

   After three years of preliminary work and study, a new community will officially begin with the blessing of a recently purchased house.  Fr. Luigi Toscano, M.SS.CC, Superior General of the congregation traveled to Manila to join Fr. Benny James Payyampaliyil, M.SS.CC. and Fr. Thankachan Vallomchyill, M.SS.CC.  The new house was blessed on September 19. Fr. Benny had been in the country for three years and was joined by Fr. Thankachan last July.  Together they have researched the culture of the country and its people that will aid in their vocation work.

Superior General, Fr Luigi Toscano (left) and Bishop Antonio Tobias formally open our congregation's new house in the Philippines on
Sept. 19, 2003.



   O Lord, my God, you renew the Church in every age by raising up priests and brothers outstanding in holiness, living witnesses of Your unchanging love. In your plan for our salvation You provide examples of Your fidelity and as special Servants of Your people.

 Fill the hearts of young men with the spirit of courage and love that they may answer Your call generously. Give parents the grace to encourage vocations in their family by prayer and good example.

Raise up worthy priests and brothers for our congregation, dedicated to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary as ardent but gentle servants of the Gospel.

 Let them be your gift to the Church, as brothers and priests and keep them faithful in their love and service.

 May many young men choose to serve  You by devoting themselves to the service of Your people.