Linwood, New Jersey                                    Spring 2004                                                       Page 4


    In recent weeks, I have been approached by quite a few folks who have shared their opinions and feelings about their viewing of the movie "The Passion."  Coming out as it has so close to the Easter season, it has indeed provoked much thought and reflection.  It seems though that one wonderful, amazing aspect of this is that we are hearing about Jesus and what he went through at all.  Our world has become so secular and careful not to even mention the name of God!  You wonder what everyone is so afraid of. Often when prayer seems difficult, just to repeat the name of Jesus can bring a sense of peace.  In doing so we acknowledge our reliance on him and the love he gives so completely and unconditionally…..and for me, it never fails to comfort.  How sad it is that so many use the blessed name, Jesus, so profanely or avoid it altogether.  May we join together in a prayer that the name of Jesus will be only loved, honored and revered by all the children of God.

May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,
 Father Bob McDade, M.SS.CC.


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