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 10th Anniversary of Perpetual Adoration at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish

   On August 15, 1994 Our Lady of Sorrows Parish initiated Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of this beautiful devotion.  Initially there was skepticism that such a program, conducted in the parish church not a private chapel, would face many difficulties and conflicts with other church functions. In addition questions of security and safety were raised but thankfully have never materialized.
   Fr. Malcolm MacLeod, Pastor of the parish, and avidly devoted to Eucharistic Adoration, credits the dedication of the parishioners in the initial planning and ongoing administration for the strength of the program.
However, with the grace of God and certainly under the watchful guidance of Our Lady of Sorrows, adoration has continued and flourished, bringing forth many graces for the participants and the parish family.   Many who participate by committing to one hour a week or stopping regularly for short visits, are residents of nearby parishes.  Visitors traveling to shore locations also have learned of the devotion and stop by to visit.  In an age when many churches are locked during the day, Our Lady of Sorrows Church  has become a quiet haven for those seeking prayer and solace before the Blessed Sacrament.



   At the 2004 General Chapter, Fr. Salvatore Izzo was elected as Superior General for a six-year term.  Fr. Izzo was ordained in December 1968.  Before his election he had served as Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Naples for the past six years.  Fr. Izzo's is largely responsible for the establishment and growth of the congregation's mission in India.  He arrived in India in 1982 and his dedicated work there until 1995, founding formation houses and seeing the ordination of many Indian vocations, ensures the continuing success of that endeavor.
   During this first of his canonical visits to the States in July, he visited each community, discussing the needs and future plans for the American community.  He was especially joyful to visit the new Bl. Gaetano Errico House of Studies in Fairfield, PA.  While there he met several of our students for the first time.  Following the visit to the USA, Fr. Izzo will be traveling to India continuing the first series of canonical visits required of his office as Superior General.

Fr. Izzo (center front) tours Mt. St. Mary's Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD with members of the American community.  (L to R: Bro. Robert Malagesi, Fr. Michael Messaro, Formation Director; Fr. Izzo, Bro. Peter DiTomasso and Bro. Frank Myers.

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