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parents, who were immigrants to America from Southern Italy.  There was no familial connection to the Founder, but the name and the connection to their parents’ native area of Italy drew them to the congregation.  They shared with us their honor and esteem of all their parents had accomplished in America and wanted to dedicate a special everlasting memorial to them.  Their idea of a Chapel and our need for a Chapel at the House of Studies drew immediate acceptance. 

   In August ground was broken for the Chapel which will be dedicated to Bl. Gaetano Errico in memory of Antonia & Carmine Errico.  Work is progressing and completion by the end of 2005 is expected.  

New House of Studies Chapel

   Although major funding for construction of this project is being provided through the generosity of the Errico Family, the interior furnishings for the Chapel will be acquired through memorial gifts from the friends and benefactors of our congregation.   For more information about making a special memorial gift in honor of a loved one, please return the form below to our office:



   Twenty- two travelers joined Fr. Malcolm MacLeod on a spiritual journey to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic from September 16 to the 25th.  Each day brought the beauty of the countries to the travelers.  Celebrating Mass each day in a different church was an additional chance to witness the depth of Catholic tradition in the countries.  One special highlight was the visit to Wadovice, birthplace of Pope John Paul II and see where he was baptized, his family home and the impressive museum of photos and mementos from his life.  Each city along the way from Warsaw, Krakow, Prague to the end of the journey in Budapest showed its most warm hospitality and gave all a trip to remember.

Fr. MacLeod celebrates Mass in the lower
Chapel of St. Matthias Church in Budapest.

Pilgrims gather for a group photo in the Wadowice,
birthplace of Pope John Paul II.  Building to right
of group was his family home and contains an
extensive museum of photos and momentos
of the Holy Father.

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