Fall 2005 continued...

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   Two very joyous occasions are reported in this newsletter, the perpetual profession of vows and the ordination to the Diaconate of Bro. Peter DiTomasso.  The profession ceremony was a poignant moment for me, and I would say for all our members, to recall our own final commitment to the religious life.  Although a solemn moment, it is also a very peaceful experience to place yourself in Godís hands and at His complete service. With trust in His will, the weight of the bonds of the earth and its demands falls away and we are left open to obeying what God has planned for us.  Like all those who make a life changing commitment whether religious or lay, fortitude and endurance are needed to honor the vows.  In our congregation, the additional vow of perseverance is taken Our Founder knew that this vow is often the most difficult and his life exemplified perseverance at every turn.  In our world today, perseverance is becoming rare. The fast easy way is the norm very often.  It is only through Godís grace that we can hold to our vows and commitments, whatever they may be.  We of faith know we canít achieve it aloneÖwe need the gifts of the Holy Spirit to endure.  Please join me in praying for Bro. Peter for the gift of perseverance and Godís blessings on his life as a servant of God.


May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,  
 Father Bob McDade, M.SS.CC. 


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