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     Sometimes it is difficult to see the hand of God at work in the day to day events of life.  Although we know He is, we do tend to not be observant of it.  So it is that I believe God wakes us up once in awhile making it impossible not to see His loving action at work.   The realization of the Chapel that you read about in this newsletter is one such happening for our community and most especially for me.  The chain of events that led the Errico family to find us because of their surname connection;  the fact that they had in mind a Chapel honoring their parents and we wished for a Chapel that we could not fund; the connection to the same area of southern Italy, circumstances that cannot be reasoned away.   Finally, one of the major donors of the family was married over 50 years ago on October 29,  the Feast of our Founder, Blessed Gaetano.  Godís providence was spoken of widely on the day of the dedication and each of those attending felt and knew it in their hearts for sure. I know for me, I feel a kind of awe, once again, along with the absolute knowledge that we have been blessed to be renewed and reassured of Godís loving hand with us always.

May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,  
Father John Perdue, M.SS.CC. 


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