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Update:  Vocation search continues in
Colombia, South America

    In early August, Fr. Angelo Terracciano, M.SS.CC., Vicar General of the congregation traveled to Colombia to continue the work of finding vocations interested in joining our mission in South America.  At present the congregation staffs parishes in Buenos Aires and Capitan Bermudez in Argentina.

   This trip to Colombia marks the fifth time that Fr. Angelo together with  Fr. Hector Zordan, from the Argentinian community, have committed their time and effort to search for vocations in Colombia.  Fr. Angelo reports that in this extremely devout Catholic country, where it is estimated that over 90% of the people are Catholic, vocations abound.  He was deeply touched that while walking along, people, upon learning he was a priest, would immediately ask for his blessing.  Everyday, not just Sunday, Masses were overflowing with the faithful.

Fr. Angelo (center) and several prospective candidates.
Fr. Angelo (center) and several prospective candidates.

   Their visit to Colombia coincided with Vocation Week organized the Archdiocese of Medellin. While there they were able to participate in a TV and radio program where they were able to speak of the congregation and invite those thinking of a religious vocation to contact them for discussion.  They were also able to visit schools and colleges to speak directly to young people and present the mission of our congregation.  During this visit four new candidates agreed to remain in contact weekly with a priest for a further period of discernment.  Those that qualify will attend the missionary seminary of La Ceja.  At the end of the year, they will go to Argentina for a year of postulancy. Currently there are two students beginning the postulancy and one who has begun the year of Novitiate at our Formation House in Capitan Bermudez.


Hillside villages near Medillin Columbia.
Hillside villages near Medillin Columbia.

During Fr. Terracciano’s visit he was able to see the vast difference between city life and the deep poverty lived by those in the rural areas and coastal villages.  It was disparaging to learn of the lack of educational opportunities and of the exploitation of children for  black market labor  Fr. Angelo believes that  when we are able to establish a community in Columbia, the work in these areas will allow our Missionaries to fulfill the charism of our congregation in serving the poorest of God’s family.

Young people gather for a vocation rally.

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