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n the mail about a week ago I received a pencil written note from a man in jail.  He was given, by another inmate, a copy of one of our prayer cards.  He wrote, hoping that I might send him some other prayer cards and leaflets, which were promptly sent to him by our office staff.  It gave me pause though to realize how that card got to the jail.  We have had other calls and notes from people, sometimes half way across the country, saying about the same thing.  They found one of our cards or leaflets in the back of a church or included in a letter from a friend or relative.  I am always amazed at how these items find their way to someone who may be moved or helped by their message.  It encourages me and my staff that our mail apostolate is spiritually fruitful in ways we may never know beyond the desire to share our message and find supporters for our work.  It is also a lesson to each of us that we can never know how our words or sharing of an encouraging message may help someone along the way.  The lesson learned again is that we should never shy away from sharing our faith in some way, even if it is as anonymous as leaving a prayer card in the back of a church

May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,  
Father John, M.SS.CC. 

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