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25th Anniversary Celebration of our Indian Mission

n 2006 Superior General, Salvatore Izzo along with the priests and students of our Indian Mission, celebr
ated a Mass of Thanksgiving, dedicating the coming year as a time of prayer and reflection on the significance and achievements  of our Missionaries in India.  This was the prelude to the 2007  25th anniversary celebration of the founding of our Indian mission in May of 1982.

Fr. Izzo, who was one of the founding priests of the first religious house in Bangalore, India and worked there for many years building the community, will be present. He will be joined with several former Superior Generals of the congregation and  General Council members and friends of the congregation.

The current schedule for the celebration will begin on August 4 with Solemn Mass with the Archbishop of Bangalore, Most Rev. Bernard Moras presiding.  The day will also feature a film presentation depicting the history, spirituality and activities of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts in India during the past 25 years and a cultural program presented by the laity.

Celebrations will also take place at Tamil Nadu where a new presbytery will be inaugurated.  The Bishop of Trichy will preside a Mass concelebrated  with Fr. Izzo and our priests.  The children of our school will present a cultural program and scholarships will be presented to several lay students based on their academic achievement in an educational program sponsored by our congregation.

Opening Mass of the reflection year celebrating

Opening Mass of the reflection year celebrating
25 anniversary of our Mission in India.


Superior General Fr. Salvatore Izzo with gathering of Indian school children
Superior General Fr. Salvatore Izzo with gathering of Indian school children sponsored by our congregation.

Students and members of our Indian community.
Students and members of our Indian community.

On August 19 in Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh) the blessing of the new parish church will take place.  The church, built by our Missionaries, will be dedicated to our Founder, Blessed Gaetano Errico.  Also a new seminary and a new hostel for our seminarians will be dedicated to Servant of God, Raffaele Menella.  Presiding at the Mass will be the Bishop of Guntur, Most Rev. Gali Bali.  Additional scholarships will be rewarded and our missionaries will also present funds for the construction of three more homes for the villagers.  This continues a program initiated in the past few years which has already provided new homes to improve the living conditions of families in the village area.

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