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   In May of 2006, our Superior General, Fr. Salvatore Izzo, traveled to Indonesia to begin the inquiry process of establishing a mission community, hoping to attract vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  The congregation’s interest in moving into the Christian areas of the country was very favorably received.  Fr. Izzo found a strong family structure holding only a deep and sincere love of their Catholic faith.  It is a perfect foundation for fostering vocations.

It was decided almost immediately after this first visit that it was a most promising opportunity to reach out in this new mission area.   One of our priests from India, Fr. Jaison, along with two students from the Philippines, who are studying philosophy, would establish our presence on the island of Kupang, Indonesia.  At present our small community is living in rented facilities.  However, upon a recent visit by Fr. Izzo, negotiations were being made to acquire land close to the Diocesan Seminary for the purpose of building a residence for Fr. Jaison and community members.  Five Indonesian students, participating in an orientation year, are now also living in the new community.

Another visit by our Superior General is scheduled for early fall in conjunction with his attendance at the 25th anniversary celebration of our Indian mission.


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July 16 – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
July 26 – St. Anne & St. Joachim, parents of Mary
Aug. 15 – Assumption of Mary
Aug. 22 – Queenship of Mary
Sept. 8 – Birth of Mary

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