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n this newsletter we presented the news of the 25th anniversary celebration of our mission in India and the beginnings of a new mission in Indonesia.  When I first entered the congregation in 1984 I remember talking with some of the priests who were involved in the beginning of the India mission.  They truly faced some incredible obstacles in those early years.  They were Italian and of course had to learn the language and probably more difficult, was their immersion into a culture so different from their own in Western Europe.  One cannot help but to admire the courage, tenacity and deep spiritual commitment this takes.  Truly God called them to the work and it was He who certainly sustained them along the way.  Through their work, we now have a large Indian community, ordained priests and many preparing for the priesthood.  But beyond that, their work has aided the faithful through their building up of the village communities through providing education and improved living conditions….and the first village church ever to be constructed there.  Foreign mission work takes that unique call and God’s grace, but it also takes support and prayers, from not just our congregation, but also from you, who so generously support our work.  I offer a prayer of fervent thanksgiving for your help and for the work of our dedicated Confreres and pray for their continued success.

May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,  
Father John, M.SS.CC. 

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