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Gaetano Errico, the Man and His Message
By:  Fr. Leonard Carrieri, M.SS.CC.

   A second miracle through the intercession of our Founder, Bl. Gaetano Errico, has gained final approval in the process for canonization in July. In preparation for the canonization, the following is a reflection on his human personality and spiritual teaching.

Gaetano Errico was a man of great simplicity.  Just meeting him, one was filled with serenity and consolation.  He had a great appreciation for human nature as our measure of our knowledge of God.  It was clear to him that it was not humanity searching for God, but God searching for humanity.  For him, God’s “yearning to spread the Divine love in the hearts of men” became the hinge around which his spiritual life revolved.  “God loves us as much as He loves Himself,” he taught.

Gaetano’s response to God’s love….
He loved God without any expectation of recompense or reward.  He wrote, “ We must love God simply because He deserves our love and we will never be able to love Him as much as he deserves.”  

Sharing his faith…
To describe God’s love and willingness to forgive sin, he compared God’s love to an immense ocean and each of us to a small boat with nothing but water and the far horizon. 

You have to trust your life to the water and that all will be fine.    When his own life was slipping away, he prayed, “Lord, I trust in you and I know I will not be lost.”  He departed from this earth with full abandonment to God’s all powerful love.

In his teaching on forgiveness, he stressed God’s knowledge of human weakness…”Faults of fragility do not offend God.  It is those that happen with our full willingness that wound the heart of God.”  “Do not rehash past sins.”  “Life is a battlefield.  The fight will cease at the end of life.  Do not be discouraged when faults and passions return when you least expect.  Aim for great things for God.  Do not be afraid. God loves you and is yearning for your love.”


Blessed Gaetano Errico
Blessed Gaetano Errico


We feel especially blessed when we are chosen by the family of a deceased friend or benefactor to be the recipient of memorial gifts in that person's name.  It is a thoughtful way to honor the wishes of the deceased by continuing their support of a cause that was particularly meaningful to them.  You can also ensure this for yourself by remembering our congregation in your will.

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