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s this newsletter was being prepared, we still had and not received word from the Vatican on the date of the canonization ceremony for our Founder, Blessed Gaetano Errico.  The final decree approving a second miracle was signed by His Holiness, Pope Benedict in July and we have been eagerly awaiting the date ever since.   In recent years, the church has seen many seemingly ordinary people elevated to sainthood.  Ordinary they were by birth or life status…..but their holiness and sacrifices were by no means ordinary.  Our Founder, too, fits this description.  Born of humble origins, a committed worker for Christ, deeply in love with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, his life of service as a priest and preacher may seem ordinary on the surface, but his holiness and total commitment to God was surely most extraordinary.  So it is that now, 147 years after his death, he will be acclaimed as a Saint.  He is a Saint, I think, for ordinary people doing ordinary things with extraordinary holiness.  It is a goal that any of us can attain….but how many of us will?

May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,  
Father John, M.SS.CC. 

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