Spring 2008 continued...

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ithin a very few months, we shall have a new saint, Gaetano Errico, our beloved Founder.  Although most of us have a special Saint we feel drawn to, the idea of having a Saint so intimately connected with our congregation is a wondrous idea.  He, who gave us our direction, our mission and purpose is now our special advocate.  To you as well, our dear friends and benefactors, he will be especially close.  The faithful in his life made his vision possible and today it remains the same.  All we accomplish in service to God's people is vitally helped to continue by your gracious prayers and support for our work.  In the pages of this newsletter is a new prayer of intercession to St. Gaetano which we soon hope to have printed for distribution.  It shall be my prayer for the needs of our congregation, our vocations and our mission.  I pray you will always feel confident that you have a special advocate in St. Gaetano Errico as well.

May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,  
Father John, M.SS.CC. 

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