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    On Saturday, October 18, a Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated in the Cathedral of Naples, Italy by the congregation following a procession through the streets from Secondigliano to the center of Naples. Over 2,000 faithful along with members of the congregation from communities around the world joyously walked the three mile path behind a beautiful new reliquary holding the relics of St. Gaetano Errico. The procession preceded the Mass at the Cathedral during which three members of the congregation professed perpetual vows. Fr. Salvatore Izzo, Superior General received the vows. Two of the professed were the first to be perpetually professed by the Nigerian community. Bro. Luke and Bro. Peter will be ordained to the Diaconate in January and with God's grace attain ordination to
the Priesthood in August 2009.

Bro. Peter and Bro. Luke
Bro. Peter and Bro. Luke from our Nigerian community.


Superior General Fr. Salvatore Izzo
Superior General Fr. Salvatore Izzo (at altar) concelebrates Mass with priests
from our Indian community in the Chapel of St. Maria in Publicos (Missionaries of
the Sacred Hearts Generalate)

    The canonization ceremony was a special opportunity for some of our members from our communities around the world to meet for the first time and celebrate together. The Generalate in Rome became a central meeting place for members from India, South America, Nigeria, Indonesia, Slovakia and the United States to join in prayer and the celebration of Mass. The Chapel of St. Maria in Publicos, part of the Generalate welcomed several liturgical celebrations in the days before and after the canonization.

Booklet on the life of St. Gaetano Errico
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