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Scared Hearts of Jesus and Mary   Sacred Hearts of
       Jesus and Mary
       Lay Association

   During his canonical visit in October, 2010, Fr. Salvatore Izzo, Superior General, directed the American community to begin the first steps to establishing a Lay Association dedicated to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary-. Currently in Italy, a vibrant and active group assists the communities there in spiritual endeavors and in a food program for the poor. A Lay association member studies the life of St. Gaetano Errico and his charism and strives to live a deeper spiritual life and offer greater outreach to those in need. Close association with the nearest Missionary community, regular spiritual exercises, and commitment to help in congregational activities where needed, is at the heart of membership in a Lay association.

  Fr. Augusty Thankachan and Fr. Robert Malagesi, along with several of the faithful, are endeavoring to get the program instituted.
  My Ministry as a Hospital Chaplain
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   For family members facing the loss of a loved one, someone praying with them and being there when difficult decisions must be made is always received with so much gratitude. I have been blessed to be able to help ease the pain and sorrow of such moments and to be able to administer the final Sacraments to someone in their last moments of life. Prayer is powerful and always welcome... even on my daily trip through the Emergency Room area, those with minor injuries never turn down a blessing and a prayer.

   My responsibilities also include participation on hospital committees dealing with spiritual services and ethics, blessings and invocation for hospital events and being present to the staff of the hospital. I offer Mass for them and visitors every First Friday in the small hospital Chapel and many have sought me out for counseling.

   The past five years have gone by quickly and wherever my congregation may assign me in the future, this is a ministry that shall always remain close to my heart.

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