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First Steps on a
“Journey of Communion and Collaboration”

   In his comprehensive document on the  Sacred Hearts Lay Missionary movement  presented in February to the Lay Missionary  group in Italy, Fr. Salvatore Izzo, quoted from the Vatican document on Consecrated Life in which the laity are invited to share in the charism and spirituality of religious congregations. In doing so, new paths of communion and cooperation may be beneficially formed for both the religious members and the laity. The aim is that through a communion of spirituality with religious, laity may be able to enter the world in different avenues that can extend the mission of our Institute even further. For the laity it can become a vital new way to live out their baptismal vocation.

The Italian Lay Missionary group, founded over ten years ago has grown in its involvement in the mission work of our priests working in parishes surrounding our motherhouse in Secondigliano. Now they are sharing their experiences with a newly established group that has begun to gather at our community house in Linwood.


  April gathering of the Lay Missionaries
April gathering of the Lay Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts at Villa Pieta, Linwood, NJ.

    Fr. Frederick Clement, M.SS.CC. is the spiritual director of the new group and Mr. Lamont Czar is the coordinator. Meetings are currently held monthly at Villa Pieta and include prayer, study of the charism of our Founder, St. Gaetano, talks by clergy and those involved in the outreach of the congregation. Each gathering ends with the celebration of Mass.

Yes, They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love    (continued from page 1)

cancer and diabetes awareness runs, to volunteering at animal shelters. While it is a good thing to do these service projects just for the sake of goodness, we always remind the students of Christ’s command, “Whatever you do for the least of My people, you also do for Me.”

   In addition to bringing students to Camden, in the past we have also taken them inside prisons in southern New Jersey, helped poor schools in Costa Rica, and worked with Haitian refugees living on the Out Islands of the Bahamas. In reminding these young men of the importance of Catholic Action, I always leave them with the reminder that maybe God is calling them to be a priest or a brother.

   Brother David Graber, M.SS.CC. is a member of the Linwood, NJ Community of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts. He is also a teacher of Theology and Marine Biology


Students gather on the streets of Camden, NJ
Students gather on the streets of Camden, NJ to begin serving the homeless.

and is the Director of Christian Service at St. Augustine College Preparatory School in Richland, NJ.

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