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Fr. John Perdue M.SS.CC.
s I was passing by the conference room this past Saturday morning on my way out to offer Mass at the nursing home where I am Chaplain, I noticed several women seated in circle. They were preparing for a meeting of our newly formed Lay Missionaries group. As noted in an article in this Newsletter, this group was established from the growing recognition of the special outreach the laity can have extending the apostolates of our congregation. It got me to thinking of all the work lay people do “behind the scenes” in our parishes, schools and Catholic institutions. I thought of all the volunteers who cooked in steamy kitchens for parish dinners, breakfasts and provide refreshments for school events . . . and cleaned up afterward. Then there are the ushers, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers, choir members, altar servers, CCD teachers and countless others that help our parishes run smoothly. Day after day, year after year, where would we, the priests, be without their help? I only hope that I have said thank you as often as I should and promise myself I would never take all that service for granted. I encourage you to take a moment to thank someone you know who is volunteering their time and effort whether in your parish, school or community . . . indeed where would any of us be without them and all they do.

May the peace and love of Christ fill your hearts,  
Father John, M.SS.CC. 

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