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Solar_LanternsLighting the Way....

How easily we can flip a switch and receive the benefits of unwavering electric power in our homes and businesses.  In the rural  areas of Nigeria where our community serves, electricity is a blessing that only comes in small doses and stops and starts at will.  It was a situation that our priests knew was hindering their efforts to help the people of the region with the needs of daily life and certainly the education of their children.

Unable to do much about the overlying problems, they found a solution that made a notable difference……solar powered lamps.  God’s gift of sunlight would soon allow the darkness of the Nigerian night to be tempered.  The Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts began a new  program, providing free lamps to families.  In addition small tables that can be put up and then easily stored were also given to families to provide a place for children to study and complete school work and religious studies.  Study materials, books, paper, pencils and workbooks are also distributed to rural families.


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