Linwood, New Jersey   Spring 2006


     With grateful appreciation to the Errico Family of North Jersey, the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts dedicated the new Chapel at their House of Studies in Fairfield, Pennsylvania on Saturday, April 29, 2006.

   The project began over two years ago when the Errico Family learned of the beatification of our Founder, Blessed Gaetano Errico.  They had researched their mutual name, with the possibility that perhaps there was a familial connection.  Their parents had immigrated to America from San Rufo in southern Italy which is in close proximity to Secondigliano where Blessed Gaetano was born.   Although their search did not provide any relationship, they became interested in the congregation and the Founder.

Fr. Malcolm MacLeod (center) Fr. Angelo
Terracciano (left) and Fr. Robert McDade (right)
con-celebrate Mass at the dedication.



Blessed Gaetano Errico House of Studies
and Chapel, Fairfield, PA

   They had a desire to honor the memory of their parents who had been such a force in their own successes here in America.  A deeply faith-filled family, they believed the building of a Chapel dedicated to their parents would be the ideal way to show their love and gratitude.

   The cornerstone bearing the inscription:  In loving memory of Antonia and Carmine Errico, A.D.2005 was placed in the fall of 2005.  Completion of the Chapel was realized in mid April.

   Fr. Angelo Terracciano, Vicar General of the Congregation, traveled from Italy to attend the dedication and Fr. Malcolm MacLeod, Delegate of the Superior General presided at the Mass and dedication rite.  Over sixty members of the Errico Family attended the service along with members of the Congregation.

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