Linwood, New Jersey   Fall 2007


   Here in the North America Fall arrived….beautiful colors, rich harvests, a time to enjoy.  In South America, Spring has broken forth with the reawakening flowering of trees and flowers and the planting of the new crops.  Both seasons bring celebration new beginnings.  And for our congregation, here in the United States and in our community in Argentina both seasons celebrated the ordination to the priesthood of a new Missionary of the Sacred Hearts.

On Sunday, October 21, the parish church of Our Lady of Sorrows in Buenos Aires, Argentina was filled to overflowing with a joyous assembly to welcome the first ordination for our community there in 24 years.  Fr.Mariano Zordan knelt before Cardinal Bergoglio to be consecrated.  A joyous roar of acclamation broke forth as he faced the assembly after his vesting as a priest.  Beloved by his parish and most especially the many young people he has brought back to the church, Fr. Mariano was very emotional as he shared a few words at the end of the ordination ceremony.  He thanked God for leading him to this moment and thanked all who supported and encouraged his vocation.  Again, he was greeted with a loving ovation from the people.

Fr. Mariano Zordan con-celebrating Mass with Cardinal Bergoglio.
Fr. Mariano Zordan con-celebrating Mass with
Cardinal Bergoglio.


Fr. Robert Malagesi with Archbishop Edwin O’Brien
Fr. Robert Malagesi with Archbishop Edwin O’Brien following the ordination ceremony and Mass.

On Saturday, November 3, Fr. Robert Malagesi was ordained by Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien in the Chapel of Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD.  As in Argentina, the Chapel was filled to overflowing with those faithful friends and family who have encouraged the vocation of Fr. Robert and his commitment to religious life.  In addition, classmates from Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary were present to affirm the beginning of Fr. Robert’s priestly life.  During the ceremony, Archbishop O’Brien reminded Fr. Robert that he now represented the person of Christ to all he would serve and as such he must follow the example of Jesus on all he would say and do.

Both Fr. Mariano and Fr. Robert will be completing their studies this coming year before being permanently assigned to pastoral work.

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