Linwood, New Jersey   Spring 2008


   It was with great jubilation and thanksgiving that word was received in early March that the Vatican had set the date for the canonization of the Founder of our congregation, Bl. Gaetano Errico, on October 12, 2008 and that His Holiness, Pope Benedict the XVI will officiate at the ceremony.

In July, 2007 the second miracle attributed to the intercession of Bl. Gaetano, received the Pope's signature indicating that all the prerequisites for his elevation to sainthood had been met and approved by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The second miracle took place in Naples.
 A young husband visited the church of Our Lady of Sorrows and approached the tomb of Bl. Gaetano to beg his intercession in allowing his wife to conceive and carry a child.  The couple had been told emphatically that she could not ever have a child.  The young man prayed vigorously, remembering the celebration of the beatification of this most beloved priest in 2002.  The people of the area were overjoyed and filled with thanksgiving that their own beloved Father Gaetano had been so blessed and honored. Certainly there could be no greater chance for a positive answer than to turn to Bl. Gaetano . . . and his prayer for intercession was heard.  A healthy child was born to the great joy of the young man and his wife.  Following the birth, medical experts had to state that it was indeed an impossibility and the case for the second miracle was opened.


St. Gaetano Errico

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