Linwood, New Jersey   Fall 2009

“If God wills we can work together to ease the burdens of the people.”

    On October 12, our newest formation house in Indonesia was blessed and dedicated.  Two of our priests from our Indian mission, Fr. Jaison Abraham Kuttikkattu and Fr. Jacob Alackal have diligently worked to see this latest endeavor become a reality.  The quote above is drawn from the following recently received update on the new mission and their hopes for the future.

September 26, 2009:

“On behalf of all here, I want to thank you for your prayers and good wishes.  We do appreciate very much your kindness and generosity shown to our community in Indonesia which has helped make our dream into a reality in a short time.  May the good Lord bless you.

Fr. Jaison and Fr. Jacob with several of the Indonesian students
Fr. Jaison and Fr. Jacob with several of the Indonesian students.


Construction nears completion on the House of Formation in Indonesia
Construction nears completion on the House of Formation in Indonesia.

The community of The Misionaris Hati Terkudus Yesus dan Maria, as it is known here began its journey in August 2006.  Our first 4 students were recruited and brought here from Manila, Philippines, bringing the dream and vision of our Superior General, Fr. Salvatore Izzo to reality.  Within a period of three short years, we were blessed with many good vocations and at present there are 30 students; 10 in various levels of their philosophy studies and 20 in the initial year of formation.  The future appears to promise that this wealth of vocations will grow.

We are in a small city called Kupang, the capital city of the province of Nusa Tenggara Timor (N.T.T.), one of the 33 provinces of Indonesia.  This province has a population of 6 million, of which 60% are Catholic.  This is the only province in which Catholics are the majority. Indonesia is the largest Muslim populated country in the world.  It is a country of islands….17,000 islands.  Our province is comprised of 6 major islands and hundreds of small islands.

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