Linwood, New Jersey   SPRING/SUMMER 2010

Ready for the Challenge . . . our Nigerian Community!

    The great challenge is for our Missionaries is to be well equipped to be able to deliver the Good News effectively and efficiently, said Fr. Mathew Cherian Binoj, Delegate and Superior of our Nigerian Community in Ulakwo, Owerri. He was referring to the work ahead for our newly ordained Deacons, Michael Ebomuche, Chidi Onwuka, Princewill Nwokocha, Christopher Nduefuna and Geffrey Nwafor. The five newest Deacons were ordained in March 2010.

In this area of Nigeria, the presence of Catholic priests and the opportunity to practice their faith has been welcomed with open arms by the faithful. Fr. Mathew relates than in many Nigerian cities Pentocostalism is a fast growing religious affiliation which draws many from their Catholic roots. The establishment of our formation house in Ulakwo has now also become the place for over 400 Catholics to attend Mass, held in the courtyard. There is no local church. Fr. Mathew who, along with Fr. Jomon George are from our Indian mission, oversee the Formation program and directing the Novices. Currently the community includes 13 Theology Students, 15 Philosophy Students and 7 Novices with 9 members in Final Vows.

   In addition Fr. Mathew and Fr. Joe are joined by our first two ordained Nigerian priests, Fr. Luke Chika Nwoko and Fr. Peter Ife Morkah in the religious education of the children, administering the Sacraments and spiritual guidance of families and youth. They recently welcomed their first group of children as First Communicants.

In an effort to aid those they serve, most especially the children, solar lamps and tables provided by the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts have been given to families to aid children with their home studies. Many of these families lack these basic resources for their families.


Fr. Mathew also shared his vision for the future especially the possibility of establishing a Catholic School for the area children. He is also eagerly pursing the formation of lay Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts dedicated to promoting devotion to the Sacred Hearts.

Fr. Mathew and children gather at the statue of St. Gaetano Errico
Fr. Mathew and children gather at the
statue of St. Gaetano Errico
sculpted by Fr. Leonard Carrieri, M.SS.CC.
at our Formation House in Ulakwo

Fr. Mathew and children gather at the statue of St. Gaetano Errico
Ordination to the Diaconate of
five Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts.

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