The first call to give one’s life to God in the service of others as a priest or brother  may come very early or somewhat later as one goes through life….and it can be a solid feeling or an undercurrent of an idea.  Discernment then is the process of searching and researching the validity of this call initially, and then to find the path where God is leading us and where  the gifts that God has bestowed on each of us can best be used to serve Him and others.

The Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are consecrated to God by religious profession of vows and live fraternal communal life.

The call to religious life requires reflecting on the following questions:

  • Am I drawn to a particular charism or devotion that is intrinsic to my personal spirituality?
  • Is  a life lived within a community of brother priests in fraternal charity and selfless giving, one that I believe I want to enter?
  • Do I understand that a consecrated life, with vows of  poverty, chastity, obedience and perserverance  will require strength of mind, soul and body?
  • Am I willing to allow myself to be ‘formed’ to better live my life at the service of God and the Church.

You can find help in discussing these aspects of religious life with a Vocation Director or Spiritual Director. Through conversations, vocation materials and visits to a community, a clearer picture of a religious life within a particular religious order can be ascertained.  

The Discernment process has no specific time limit and one is encouraged to research several religious institutes before moving to the application process.  



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